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Every piano requires tuning from time to time in order to sound good and stay at the right pitch. If you haven’t tuned your instrument for quite some time, it most surely requires a pitch raise. What’s a pitch raise anyway? It is basically a tuning process that essentially stretches the instrument’s pitch, when it sounds really “flat.” Of course, each case is different. While some pianos are tended to on a regular basis, other keyboard instruments can be extremely out of tune due to not being taken care of. In cases like the latter, it is normally not possible to tune an instrument that is over a quarter of a semi-tone flat to a stable tune after just one tuning. Considering this, our clients can hire us to either tune their piano to itself or pitch raise it to a “concert pitch.” Either way, your piano will sound absolutely fine after we’re done with it

How Much Does Piano Tuning Cost in Melbourne?

As we’ve outlined above, piano tuning is a very individual process. Each case is different and requires a different level of handling. While some pianos will need just a few moves of a tuning master, others will require long hours that can stretch up to days of intense work. However it is, don’t give up on the idea of tuning your piano, because it is an instrument that should stay in shape. The more often you hire a professional to tune your keyboard instrument, the less you will spend. That said, tuning a piano that is seriously out of tune will not just be extremely time-consuming, but as well much more expensive than that with just a slightly flat pitch. Speaking of the prices, the most regular tuning job will cost at least $150, but once again – each case is unique and you will have to wait for our tuning master’s verdict.

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