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Moving an Upright Piano in Melbourne

An upright piano, although not as heavy as some grand pianos, are still a challenge to move around. Due to their vertical or upright design, transferring it within a home or to another state will often require professional skill.

Whether you’re moving an upright piano across the room or down the stairs, TRU Piano Mover professionals can help.

Our team of moving specialists is specifically trained to handle delicate piano moving jobs in Melbourne.

Don’t know how to move a piano down stairs or how to move an upright piano with a pickup truck? No need to fret.

With TRU Piano Mover, your beloved upright piano can easily make its way to your new home or location safely and in mint condition.

Challenges in Moving an Upright Piano Upstairs, Downstairs, or Across the Door

An upright can be difficult to move, especially if your home or location is not comprised of flat surfaces.

Many uprights need to be hauled up to a high-rise condo or restaurant or relocated to an apartment with steep stairs. But, how do you move a piano up stairs without a ramp or without the help of people who can handle all its weight?

Many owners will opt for DIY upright piano relocation. While this can be feasible, some crucial things will have to be factored in. These include securing a piano moving dolly rental, piano straps, skid boards, and other equipment.

Proper knowledge of the weight and dimensions of the upright piano is also important. You will need to make sure that the moving equipment can securely cater to the weight and height of the upright. Finally, you will need to know how to move a piano in a truck for its actual relocation.

If all of these sound challenging and time-consuming to you, you can always rely on professionals. Your upright piano — or even a digital piano — deserves the care and attention it needs during a space renovation or relocation.

Wondering how to move your piano across the room or through a slim entryway?

Worry no more. TRU Piano Mover is your answer.

Moving an Upright Piano Through Your Doorway Can Be Easy. Call Us at TRU Piano Mover Now

TRU Piano Mover can assist with your upright piano moving needs. And if you need professional services in moving a grand piano upstairs, TRU Piano Mover can be at your door step in no time at all.

Leave your precious upright piano or grand piano in careful hands.

TRU Piano Mover is your source of piano mover solutions, piano disposal, and piano storage in Melbourne.

Get in touch with us for a TRU Piano Mover quote now.

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