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Moving a Grand Piano in Melbourne

Are you presently refurbishing your home or apartment in Melbourne? Are you planning to relocate to another city or state? Have you always wanted to buy a grand piano for yourself or the entire family?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions and your grand piano is not something you want to part with, you can benefit from a professional piano moving company. TRU Piano Mover can help, whether it’s in moving a grand piano across the room or disposing an old piano in Melbourne.

With our affordable piano mover quotes, you can start on your move right away. Not sure how to move a baby grand piano across the country? TRU Piano Mover is your trusted partner right here in Melbourne. We also cater to relocating and disposing other piano types such as an upright piano and a digital piano.

The Risks in Moving a Grand Piano Upstairs and Downstairs on Your Own

There are possible ways on how to move a piano to the second floor or the upper floors. However, moving a grand piano down or up the stairs is certainly more difficult than simply moving it across the room.

Without the right expertise, you could end up damaging the piano, hurting yourself, or destroying walls and furniture.

And if you’re planning for an interstate piano relocation, you could be looking at more complications. After all, how do you properly secure your precious grand piano while inside a moving truck?

Grand pianos are known for their expansive size, length, and weight. This makes them highly difficult to move especially through an entrance.

Moving an upright piano across the doorway can be simpler given their vertical orientation. This cannot be with a grand piano. Even the moving of a small grand piano can be tough, particularly for amateurs.

For a grand piano to be moved efficiently from floor to floor or across locations, professional help must be sought at all times.

How Professional Movers Can Help in Moving a Grand Piano across Long Distances

What are the benefits in letting moving experts handle the job for you? Here we enumerate the following advantages.

  • Safe handling and moving
  • Suitable and high-quality moving equipment
  • Moving trucks
  • Local/ interstate routes
  • Storage facilities if needed
  • Reasonable fees

Moving a Concert Grand Piano? Talk to Us at TRU Piano Mover for a Quote!

Whether you’re moving a Steinway grand piano or your precious baby piano from one location to another, we can give you the assistance you need.

Forget how to disassemble a baby grand piano on your own. With TRU Piano Mover, your grand piano will be relocated as safely, securely, and quickly as possible.

Interested in finding out the cost of moving your piano with our help?

Call us at TRU Piano Mover right away.

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