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Piano Types: Upright, Grand, and Digital

Piano movers and relocation service providers know one important thing about pianos: they donโ€™t come in just one type.

Piano types and prices can differ. And when youโ€™re planning an interstate piano relocation, the least that you can do is to know whether youโ€™re moving a tall upright, an expansive grand, or a more portable digital piano.

Here at TRU Piano Mover, we specialize in quick, efficient, and affordable piano moving services across Melbourne. Our expertise spans various piano types and moving services.

Whether you need to relocate a grand piano or are looking for piano storage in Melbourne, weโ€™re here for you.

Piano Types and the Challenges of Relocation or Disposal

There are three main types of pianos: upright, grand, and digital.

A basic knowledge of each type can inform your choice of the right piano mover. With hundreds of brands of pianos sold today, all of them fall under one of these three types:

  • Upright piano
    Upright pianos are aptly named due to their tall and upright appearance. Hence, they are also known as vertical pianos. In an upright piano, the soundboard and strings are vertically positioned. The weight of an upright piano can vary, but usually its height is at 110 to 135cm.Both its weight and height can make the instrument a challenge to relocate. Thus, moving an upright piano through the doorway of your home, school, or restaurant will often require professional help. If youโ€™re opting for a DIY, make sure you have consulted with an expert guide first.
  • Grand piano
    Contrary to the vertical string placement of an upright, the soundboard and strings of a grand piano span horizontally. This allows any pianist to have better control of the keys and the quality of sound produced by the instrument. Through the years, several grand piano brands have grown in popularity, including Steinway & Sons, Bechstein, and Shigeru Kawai to name a few.Due to the size of this piano type, moving a grand piano long distance can be a challenge for many. It is best to rely on experienced movers to ensure the safe transport of your beloved and best grand piano across states.
  • Digital piano
    Finally, we have the digital piano. Digital pianos mimic the look and sound quality of the traditional piano through high-quality and diverse acoustic recordings. These recordings are instantly played by a speaker once a pianist strikes the keys.Although designed to produce the quality of acoustic piano sound, a digital piano for sale may also come with a host of attractive features. Some of the best digital pianos have recording capabilities, better portability, and battery functionality. Many Yamaha piano types sold in the market today are of the digital variety.

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